You’re Views Have Been Interrupted. Now They Are Remixed.

views | remixed - cover artwork

After completing views | interrupted we noticed that we didn’t include any guest musicians. Therefore we were wondering what it would have sounded like if we had involved further musicians – and so the idea for a views | remixed was born.

We decided to remix all six tracks of the original album and found some fellow musicians who agreed to remix some of the tracks. Whispered, Medicine Lake, Urhixidur and Morteza Jahangiri all gave their best and we both agree that their versions of our music surpass the usual remix and became a new track entirely. So, of course, we are completely happy with the results.

As the original material was more ambient and completely without beats we also decided to experiment with beats and loops and also created new versions of two tracks that are also included in the original album.

If you are eager to listen to the results you can do so on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other streaming platforms.

If you have not heard the original album yet, we also decided to offer it as a free download on Bandcamp for a limited period. So hurry!

You might remember that views | interrupted was part of an art exhibition that featured pictures by rabirius. Therefore he remixed his pictures for the cover artwork. The video clips for the singles Parklife, The Takeover and (Trapped) Between Towers were animated versions of the pictures in the exhibition, so they are – sort of – also remixed versions.

As you can see, we tried to play with the concept of remixes quite a lot and gave our best to reshape, rearrange and reassemble the material at hand to create something entirely new.

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