So much wind!


The windy season is upon us. And Halloween is at the door. Therefore we decided to release a windy and ghostly track to get you in the right mood.

Our new track The Wind Is Still Whispering is sort of an extended version of the track The Whispering Wind which was release on the compilation One Minute Compositions Vol. 4. As the name of the compilation suggests, the original version is only one minute long. After completing the track, we wanted to see if the track was still interesting in a longer version and therefore we extended it and release it as a single in time for Halloween.

This time we also added a B-side to the package. Baker, Koji Je U Tijestu? is a track we recorded some time ago and we felt that it doesn’t fit any of our current projects, but it was a right fit to release it with The Wind Is Still Whispering.

You can download the single for free on Bandcamp and also listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music and the whole bunch of streaming services. There also is a ghostly video clip for the single. For more information, go to our music section.

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