Discover mockART’s Collaboration with Ukrainian Poet Maksym Churkov

Blue and Yellow through Black and Gray - Cover

mockART is proud to be a part of the impactful Yellow and Blue Through Black and Gray project, uniting international musicians with Ukrainian poets to create a stirring fusion of art and expression.

At the heart of Tænæt, our contribution to the project, lies poet Maksym Churkov, a talented wordsmith whose journey through the realms of poetry is as diverse as it is inspiring. Born in Dnipro and well-versed in the intricacies of language, Maksym’s passion for literature and language shines through his extensive background in Germanic studies and translation. His creative endeavours have garnered accolades and recognition, including awards in poetry competitions and participation in prestigious literary events.

mockART’s involvement in this project builds upon our previous collaborations, including our work with project founder Dmitry Postovalov on The Ambient Flute Orchestra. Additionally, we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with musicians such as Mark Daelmans-Sikkel, who provided vocals on our album Men Who Lost Their Heads, and remixes with Medicine Lake, Whispered, and Sterion Music.

As part of the Yellow and Blue Through Black and Gray project, a lyric video was created for every track. These videos offer an immersive experience for listeners, providing visual accompaniment to each track’s evocative poetry. mockART’s rabirius contributed by creating two videos, one of them for their own track Tænæt.

Join us in supporting this meaningful initiative, where all proceeds go towards supporting the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern Region in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Together, let us weave a tapestry of hope and resilience through the power of art.

Blue and Yellow through Black and Gray

War-time Ukrainian poetry in an ambient music frame

Presented by AEMC

Published by Syrphe

Track List:

  1. Sterion Music – Peredmova 02:09
  2. Medicine Lake – The Braille Stars (feat. Olena Halunets) 04:25
  3. Toto Tobass – Alone with the Demon (feat. Anastasiiith) 04:12
  4. Jennifer Howd – The Bullet (feat. Ada Yelagina) 01:38
  5. Fedir Tkachov – Our House (feat. Stepan Penkaliuk) 02:53
  6. James Schlesselman – Rapids of Hunger (feat. Snig na Golovu) 04:49
  7. Whispered – Evening Glow Milk (feat. Oleh Ladyzhensky) 03:31
  8. Paul Soto – Perepochynok (All Remain Silent) 03:21
  9. mockART – Tænæt (feat. Maksym Churkov) 04:58
  10. Givun – We Were Men in Black (feat. Vlad Kovbasiuk) 02:43
  11. Bayun the Cat – The Temple (feat. Mira Malska) 06:13
  12. Mark Daelmans-Sikkel & Paulien Dirkzwager – This Passionate Pleasure (feat. Tetiana Osipenko) 05:07
  13. Alex Richardson – Renaissance (feat. Holosy) 05:20
  14. Guy Richardson – Dreaming of You Again (feat. Maria Chekariova) 05:43
  15. Phil Durrant – Pislyamova 04:10

All the poems were written between February 2022, and February 2023.
All the music was composed and recorded between February and July 2023.

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