It’s a Walk in the Park

What happens when a park comes to life?

Certainly, we see people walking, running, playing, arguing, phoning, meeting each other…

We see how the seasons change. Fresh greens emerge in spring. Dry lawns in summer. There is an explosion of colours in autumn. And in winter, everything looks somewhat naked, maybe covered in snow.

But have you really observed what happens in the park? All the little details?

Well, now you can, because we made a video to show you real Parklife.

Parklife also is our new singe. Well, not the original Parklife you have heard on our latest album views | interrupted. The new Parklife is the Whispered Remix by Stéphane K. Vandezande. So you are getting a new song and a new video!

You can listen to the single on iTunes, Spotify and other Streaming Platforms.

The track will be part of our forthcoming remix album as well. But more about that later. For now, enjoy your walk in the park!

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