views | interrupted

(mockRECORDS 2022)


  1. Between Towers
  2. B-Ebene
  3. White Window
  4. The Takeover
  5. Parklife
  6. Departure

views | interrupted was composed as a soundtrack for the exhibition of the same name by Sonja Ackermann, Christian Rocas and mockART’s rabirius. For the exhibition, each artist created six works with the same name. mockART decided to extend the concept and took the themes and titles of the six images and converted them into music. The album was premiered at the exhibition, but as it also works as a separate entity, we decided to release it as a CD as well.

The music was composed and recorded by Christoph Dorner and rabirius. It was mixed and mastered by rabirius as well, who also created the artwork for the CD. The artwork features some of the pictures by all three artists taken from the art show.


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