views | remixed

views | remixed - album cover
(mockRECORDS 2023)


  1. (Trapped) Between Towers
  2. Parklife (Whispered Remix)
  3. White Window (Medicine Lake Remix)
  4. The Takeover (Urhixidur Remix)
  5. B-Ebene (No Way Out)
  6. Departure (Morteza Jahangiri Remix)

After completing views | interrupted Christoph Dorner and rabirius thought about what might have happened if they had involved further artists in the project. While discussing this, the idea to release a remix album was born.

The band is really ecstatic about the remixes. They think that Whispered, Medicine Lake, Urhixidur and Morteza Jahangiri all gave their best to create a new track in its own right.

The album is more than mockART expected. To them, the album surpassed a remix album and became a new work in its own right. It further shows what can be accomplished when different musicians work together and try to create something entirely new.

It features the singles Parklife, The Takeover and (Trapped) Between Towers.

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