La B​ê​te Noire dans sa grotte

(mockRECORDS 2024)


  1. La Bête Noire dans sa grotte (with Pharmakustik)
  2. La Bête Noire pense à quitter sa grotte (with Baco_Giovanni Cristino)

Downloads and Streaming

After being impressed by the diverse range of remixes we received for our previous album, views | remixed, which breathed new life into the original tracks, we’ve embarked on a new experiment. This time, various artists have been tasked with remixing and reimagining the same track. We’ve chosen La Bête Noire, a standout from our album Reflux Ux Bisou and one of our most beloved tracks.

While we’re eagerly awaiting all the remix versions to come together, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek. Introducing “La Bête Noire dans sa grotte,” remixed by Pharmakustik, alongside “La Bête Noire pense à quitter sa grotte,” a remix by Baco_Giovanni Cristino.