Reflux Ux Bisou

Reflux Ux Bisou Cover by mockART
(2007 / mockRECORDS 2018)


  1. Ubsalia
  2. Glucks
  3. 008
  4. Zerplast
  5. 003
  6. 002
  7. 011
  8. Alles Is Always Already Stained
  9. Camarero
  10. 012
  11. Illumi
  12. 009
  13. The Funny Nilpferd Canción
  14. 015
  15. 013
  16. Profundo
  17. La Bête Noire
  18. 14
  19. Saboni

mockART started to work on their first album in 2006 and it was released in 2007. The recording process was an experiment with limited resources that lead to some creative ideas how to create sounds and sample them. A lot of instrument parts and vocals where recorded through the microphone build in the computer. For this recording mockART was rabirius with Bernd Geiling, Sr. Gummishoe, Helano, Trini and Töffchen.

The untitled one minute tracks were taken from mockART’s first release 15 Partes del Mundo. The record was released as a limited edition CD.

In 2018 the album was remastered and republished.

Original Cover for Reflux Ux Bisou
The original cover for Reflux Ux Bisou


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