The Men Who Lost Their Heads Are Here!

Finally, we released our new album Men Who Lost Their Heads. The album features 18 tracks, including our latest singes Lizard People, Betörve, Samesjwaering Onger Idiote and A Stronger Climate.

Created under lockdown conditions we made consistent and pandemic-related use of the digital possibilities of contactless music-making – together and yet separately, social but with distancing, virus-proof and yet highly infectious.

The idea was to create an album about conspiracy theories and paranoia that spread with the Covid pandemic. The guest vocalists include Léda Szemerédi, Mark Daelmans-Sikkel, Bernd Geiling, Thanatoloop and Ümit Kaya. Special thanks go to Levente Dudás for recording some of the vocals at his N/O/E/W/A Creative Music Studio.

We released the album as a deluxe 6-panel digipak CD and to the usual streaming services. There also is a limited edition CD with a special cover created by Sonja Ackermann.

To find out more, please visit our music page.