(Uz Bolo Dost! Productions 2008 / mockRECORDS 2018)


  1. processION
  2. suctION
  3. deductION
  4. contradictION
  5. conclusION

Originally, ION was part of a shared album: In 2008 I was asked by Erik Ochránek of the Slovak noise project Drén if I wanted to record a split album with them. I agreed, and the album ION / Time Demon’s Claws was published as a CD by Uz Bolo Dost! Productions the same year.

ION focuses on the noise side of mockART. The sound is more aggressive and distorted, though little melodies where hidden here and there.

In 2018 the mockART remastered their part of the album and published it separately.

Original cover artwork for ION
Original cover artwork for ION


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