Country Songs

(mockRECORDS 2019)


  1. Country Songs
  2. Pénis Peixe
  3. A Vaca non da Leite
  4. Русская народная песня (Russian Folk Song)
  5. Apfel und Kuh
  6. La Pena del Pingüino
  7. Der Pferdestall von Quiddenbach
  8. 日本での私の人生 (My Life in Japan)
  9. Shirtless’ Mom

mockART started working on the album in 2009. However, when rabirius moved to Frankfurt he concentrated more on his photographic work and resumed working on the project again in 2018 and finally completed the album a year later.

The idea behind the project was to work with vocal samples sent by other musicians and build the tracks from the samples. The contributing artists were Helando, Sr. Gummishoe, Sergei Khukhrov, Lüder Lindau, Trini, Christian Trützler, Serei Jack and Zan Hoffman.


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