mockART published a new track and will release a remix ep

We have released a new track for the compilation One Minute Compositions by AEMC Records. The track is called Diantara Domba and is exactly one minute long. You can download the whole compilation from Bandcamp. As you might remember, we have already released another one minute composition for one of their earlier compilations which you can still download.

Cover for "Men Who Found Their Remix"

We are still working on our new album Men Who Lost Their Heads and we hope to release it in early summer. In the meantime, we decided to release a remix ep. It will feature three remixes of tracks taken from the new album plus an alternative version of another track. Therefore we decided to call it Men Who Found Their Remix. The ep will be out on April 9th on Bandcamp plus streaming sites like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more. We will announce the details around the publishing date.